2022-2023 Season Robot "Michael"

With a welded steel base, a six-foot-long aluminum arm multidirectional drivetrain, and an AI vision system this is our most Advanced Robot yet. It was built for The FRC 2023 event Charged Up. This robot allowed us to beat some of the highest-ranked teams in the state and allowed us to achieve the highest place we have ever been in the finals.


T-Shirt Launcher Robot "HANK"

This was an off-season project that the team put together in 2022 to educate our members and to help with outreach among the student body. This bot was used at our school events like the Halloween parade, basketball games, and football games.


2021-2022 Season robot "Matthew"

This bot is our current project for the FRC Rapid React competition. Adapted from our bot from a few years ago, Matthew was prepared for the challenges that awaited it at competitions, placing our team at 201st in the state, the highest spot we have ever reached so far.


2019-2020 Season RoBot "Themis"

This was our season robot for the FRC competition Infinite Recharge. This was the last robot built in our old shop room and was unfortunately only able to compete once out of it's three planned due to COVID-19 restrictions. Although not named in its competitive prime, it has been posthumously named Themis.